Small is beautiful. Small is my new big. 


IT'S SO MUCH FUN: like bringing my studio into your house.

Magic often happens in intimate spaces. Songs are written in bedrooms and kitchens, why can’t they be performed there? The dynamic and thematic range possible in a small listening space is astounding.

I play the "hits" but also go deep into my catalog. Some of my best stuff has only been performed live a handful of times - or not at all. 


I spent a year creating my first house show and it continues to evolve, performing material I wrote for The Raisins, The Bears, psychodots, my solo albums – and debuting new songs as they come along. 

My son Sam describes the concert as a "performance + guitar clinic + songwriters workshop + story telling hour."  – except it runs three hours including a break midway to freshen drinks and grab a snack. 

I play stripped-down acoustic renditions and plenty of rocked-out electric ones backed with studio tracks custom-mixed from the original studio sessions and piped through my tweaked Bose system. You hear what I hear. It sounds fantastic and won't blow your head off.


Audience members are first invited by the host via email or link to ticket service, then the reservation is confirmed. That way, the hostess can feel good about whoever is coming to her home. 30 – 50 guests works well. 

Tickets are generally $20 - $25. A ticket service or PayPal can be used, but a casual box collection has worked, too.

My wife Swany (beautiful, funny, coolest-person-in-the-world) handles the Merch Table (most of it is rare). 

Shows are typically BYOB. Water / soda / ice / cups / glasses are provided. It’s not required but guests often bring light munchies to share. 

No recording permitted. Photos are OK but kept at minimum to avoid distraction. Mature audiences only.


Please go to the contact page and send me an email if you want me to play in your house. I'll send you a memo going over details and we'll customize as needed to fit your needs and match schedules.