DEAR WORLD, let's do it again

Click here to watch my next free house concert live stream on April 11, 2020, 9PM EDT


House concert stream #1, March 27, 2020: click here for replay

House concert stream #2, April 4, 2020: click here for replay the meantime, check out my new music video

Hi Everybody,

2020's off to a pretty rough start for all of us. That guy who wrote Fear Is Never Boring wasn't lying.

It's not in my nature to give up without a fight – or at least a dog and pony clown show: stay tuned for a series of free

streaming house concerts from my home studio.

I'll be back performing my life's work in as many other homes as possible in N. America later this year – or bust!

Studio work continues – record production & recording with other artists, commercial composing, finishing my next album.

I'm not playing in a band for the first time since I was 14, but that can't last, right?

Thanks for visiting. Keep the faith. xoxo commercial stuff is here: