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After last year it appears the kid who wrote Fear Is Never Boring wasn't wrong, but dammit: the sun will keep sunning, wear shades.

My new album is here and liner notes & lyrics for it are here. Below are 7 videos for Ship Shake. A look and listen around this website might use up an hour, so be careful.

While we're waiting for the plague to crawl back into its cave, how about enjoying my dog and pony monkey clown magic show? Free house concerts live-streamed

from my home studio. C'mon! 37 and counting are on the drop down menu. Season 4 commenced July 10th and is running through August 31 !

I continue to toil away record producing, commercial composing, and generally wondering what the....

Later this year, I hope to be back on the road of happy destiny playing live... but only when the experts say it's safe for all of us. xoxo