Rob Fetters

Please go to the contact page and send me an email if you want me to play in your house. 

A – A few observations gleaned from performing music in the last 40+ years:

1) Many venues I've played had questionable acoustics; I'm not always convinced the audience is accurately hearing what I'm doing. (Maybe they can't see what I'm doing, either.)

2) Since I usually play gigs with other songwriters, I rarely "go deep" into my catalog. Some of my best stuff has only been performed live a handful of times - or not at all. 

3) I truly love playing in bands for crowds – but – real magic often happens in more intimate spaces. ie: songs are written in bedrooms and kitchens, recorded in studios….

 B – Therefore: 

1) Although doing a solo house concert has a certain terrifying aspect – there's no place to hide when I screw up – it’s the right thing to do: if I don't I know I'll regret it; I can still sing the high notes and play well – but I’ve been told nothing lasts forever....

2) I'm throwing everything into a career-spanning show – performing material I wrote for The Raisins, The Bears, psychodots, my solo albums, and debuting new songs as they come along. 

3) It's an overbuilt show: stripped down acoustic / vocal renditions plus plenty of rocked out electric ones backed with studio tracks custom mixed from the source (I still wanna be your favorite guitar player, ya know). My Bose system sounds killer so you'll hear what I hear. My son Sam describes the concert as a "performance + guitar + recording workshop + story telling hour". Except that it'll run over two hours. We’ll have a break to freshen your drinks and so on.

 C – My house concerts have all gone so fantastically magically well:

1) House concert adepts have already done pioneering work: we're copying the "industry standard" for now. It’s simple and a lot of fun.

2) Audience members are first invited by the host via email, then a reservation is confirmed. That way, the hostess can feel good / safe about whoever is coming to her home. Seems like 25 guests minimum, 50 maximum works well.

3) Tickets are generally $20. Plenty of cool merch is available. A ticket service or PayPal can also be used, but a casual box collection works just fine.

4) BYOB. Water / soda / ice / cups / glasses are usually provided. It’s not required but guests often bring munchies to share.

5) No iron rule but I think leaving recording devices off sometimes makes for better immersion in the show. I only ask that recordings be shared privately.  

7) I can't wait to play! Most of the musicians who do this sort of thing are young hopefuls waiting to crack the big time. But me? I've seen the light: small is the new big. Small is beautiful.