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The First Noel

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Rob Fetters


My ace radio pal, Brian O'Donnell (WNKU/WGUC), and I were commiserating about fund-raising ideas for public radio several years ago and he asked me to record a little Christmas song to fit in an album called "Ring!". That turned out to be a huge success and led to more annual holiday "Ring!" records and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for our local public stations. "Ring!" (Vol. 1) is out of print so what the heck: hope you like it. The only production element I remember was a tiny inner voice telling me, "Now, don't hot dog this up. Keep it simple and elegant and pretty—or you'll piss God off!" 

I made it with a ribbon mic, a Godin nylon string, Taylor 612 steel string, and trusty psychedelic Strat all laid softly on a synthesizer trying to sound like snow looks when it's falling at night.