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In honor of opening day I give you this goofy piece of joy: made in a manic hurry for the Cincinnati Reds Community Fund 9 years ago. I stole the chord progression from Bob Nyswonger's ancient Raisin song "Creep Like Me" — he also penned the VO copy in the middle. 

Devon Campailla and Amy Harpring did the poem VO.

Chris Arduser on drums. 

I sang and played everything else.



God Bless America: We Invented Baseball

Comin' up the middle like it's hot off the griddle

It's a cowhide rocket and ya ain't gonna stop it

It's a little white fruit that ya just can't scoop

And ya can't find the handle 'cause you don't know where it's at

But don't ask the ump 'cause he's blind as a bat



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