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In honor of opening day I give you this goofy piece of joy: made in a manic hurry for the Cincinnati Reds Community Fund 9 years ago. I stole the chord progression from Bob Nyswonger's ancient Raisin song "Creep Like Me" — he also penned the VO copy in the middle. 

Devon Campailla and Amy Harpring did the poem VO.

Chris Arduser on drums. 

I sang and played everything else.



God Bless America: We Invented Baseball

Comin' up the middle like it's hot off the griddle

It's a cowhide rocket and ya ain't gonna stop it

It's a little white fruit that ya just can't scoop

And ya can't find the handle 'cause you don't know where it's at

But don't ask the ump 'cause he's blind as a bat



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Rob Fetters


"Not The End" was composed and tracked to a laptop in my dining room in 2007 and used as a production demo for a Flashpoint Academy (Chicago) recording workshop. It was gradually refined and edited with bass, drums and backing vocals performed by Bob Nyswonger and Chris Arduser (psychodots) and a vocal cameo by Bee Haskins. It was remixed and debuted on "Get Real Gone: Road Songs for Public Radio," an album benefitting Cincinnati stations.



Save a whale

It's not the end of the world but it's the start of something new

Thank God it's not all up to me but there's something you could do if you wanted to

You could start off with a smile when you want to hurt somebody then wait a little while

Show some faith, show some style, and you just might save a whale my precious little child—trust me now

It's not the end of the world. It's just the start of something new

This place could use a lot of love. There must be something we could do if we wanted to

If we could start with some restraint instead of yelling at each other—there's a picture we could paint

Of a universal truce led by angels running loose with the wisdom of the saints—trust me now

It's not the end of the world

There's nothing to like about fear; nothing to fear about love

Someday you will be a god—the day you learn how to forgive

And the angels will adore you because you live and let live like they want you to—trust me now

It's not the end of the world—trust me now

You just might save a whale.

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Rob Fetters


My ace radio pal, Brian O'Donnell (WNKU/WGUC), and I were commiserating about fund-raising ideas for public radio several years ago and he asked me to record a little Christmas song to fit in an album called "Ring!". That turned out to be a huge success and led to more annual holiday "Ring!" records and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for our local public stations. "Ring!" (Vol. 1) is out of print so what the heck: hope you like it. The only production element I remember was a tiny inner voice telling me, "Now, don't hot dog this up. Keep it simple and elegant and pretty—or you'll piss God off!" 

I made it with a ribbon mic, a Godin nylon string, Taylor 612 steel string, and trusty psychedelic Strat all laid softly on a synthesizer trying to sound like snow looks when it's falling at night.